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Guaranteed Fund Certus

Subscription period from 11. 2. 2013 to 7. 5. 2013 (or until no more funds are available).

The sale of the fund is finished.


Vital Invest – Certus Guaranteed Fund.

The Certus Guaranteed Fund, as part of Vital Invest insurance, guarantees the client the return of 100 % of the amount invested in the fund on maturity (following the deduction of administration costs). In the event the underlying basket of shares increases, though, it can bring a yield of 5 % each year.

What is the Guaranteed Fund Certus?

It is a new guaranteed fund from Komerční pojišťovna, a.s., one that broadens investment strategy options as part of Vital Invest life insurance. The fund is ideal for clients that are aware of a potential rise in the price of shares in the food and pharmacy markets and who want to branch out with their finances. At the same time, these are clients that do not want to expose themselves to the risk that the value of their investment will fall.

The Certus Guaranteed Fund offers:

  • the guaranteed return of 100 % of the money invested on maturity (minus administration costs);
  • a yield of up to 5 % per annum;
  • the chance to share in the growth of the shares of prominent world food and pharmaceutical companies;
  • a portfolio managed by experts from the French Société Générale, one of the biggest and most stable banks in the Eurozone.
Subscription period 11. 2. 2013 – 7. 5. 2013 (or until no more funds are available)
Maturity of the fund 6 years; the fund matures on 22. 5. 2019
Premium payment to Certus Guaranteed Fund one-off/extraordinary premium

How the Certus Guaranteed Fund investment strategy works
The performance of the fund depends on the performance of the underlying share basket. The contents of the basket do not vary and consist of the shares of 22 companies:

Name of company Country Name of company Country
Anheuser-Busch Belgium Monsanto Co USA
Abbott Labs USA Merck & Co USA
Basf S Germany Nestle SA Switzerland
Bayer AG Germany Novartis AG Switzerland
Bristol-Myer SQB USA L‘Oreal France
Danone France PepsiCo Inc USA
Du pont (EI) USA Pfizer Inc USA
GlaxoSmithKline Great Britain Procter & Gamble USA
Kellogg Co USA Roche Hldg-Genus Switzerland
Kraft Foods Group USA Sanofi France
Eli Lilly & Cco USA Unilever NV The Netherlands

How the performance of the underlying share basket is calculated

Performance of shares = actual performance of shares for the past year / for past years since the creation of the fund.

Recorded share performance

  • If the actual share performance value is positive, 300 % of this value is recorded, whereby this value may equal 5 % at the most.
  • If the actual share performance value is negative or zero, 100 % of this value is recorded, whereby this value may equal - 50 % at the worst.

The annual coupon is subsequently calculated based on the recorded performance of individual shares.

The annual coupon is calculated as the arithmetic average of the recorded annual performance of all 22 shares, in that the value is always zero at worst.

The total yield paid on the maturity of the fund is the sum of all 6 annual coupons.

The client receives the following on the maturity of the fund:

  • 100 % of the capital invested (minus administration costs)
  • the sum of the 6 annual coupons (equalling 0 at worst).

Examples of calculating the performance of the Certus Guaranteed Fund

These examples are for illustration only and do not in any way predict the future performance of the Certus Guaranteed Fund.

How to arrange the insurance

You can obtain our products at any branch of Komerční banka. For more information call the Call centrum of Komerční pojišťovna using the free Info Line 800 10 66 10.
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