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Optimo Commodity Guaranteed Fund

Subscription period: 6 February 2012-4 May 2012 (or until it is sold out).

The sale of the fund is finished.


Vital Invest – Optimo Commodity Guaranteed Fund.
The Optimo Commodity Guaranteed Fund included in the Vital Invest insurance scheme guarantees 100% return of the client’s investment into the fund (after deduction of administrative fees). The total yield for clients is unlimited and may reach very interesting figures provided that the underlying commodity indices grow.

What is the Optimo Commodity Guaranteed Fund?

This is a new guaranteed fund offered by Komerční pojišťovna, a.s., which extends the investment strategy options under the Vital Invest life insurance. The fund suits clients who understand the growth potential of commodity prices and wish to diversify their funds while preventing the risk of a fall in their investment’s value.

The Optimo Commodity Guaranteed Fund offers:

  • guaranteed 100% return of investment upon the fund’s maturity (after deduction of administrative fees)
  • attractive portfolio of underlying assets (various types of commodities – e.g. gold, oil, cotton, coffee, industrial metals, etc.)
  • opportunity to profit from the growth of commodity markets
  • locking of the highest annual performance achieved after the 1st to 6th year of the fund’s existence
  • protection against currency risk (potential negative impacts of the CZK strengthening are covered and will not affect the yield of the portfolio)
  • portfolio management carried out by experts from the French banking group Société Générale, one of the largest and most stable banks in the Eurozone
Subscription period 6 February 2012 – 4 May 2012 (or until it sells out)
Maturity 6 years; date of maturity: 14 May 2018
Premium payment to the Optimo Commodity Guaranteed Fund single / extraordinary premium

How Does The Investment Strategy of The Optimo Commodity Guaranteed Fund Work?

Fund performance depends on the performance of the underlying basket of commodity indices which is supplemented with active volatility management. The content of the basket remains unchanged and includes 2 commodity indices:

  • Dow Jones-UBS Gold Index – factors in the development of gold price
  • Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index 3 Month Forward consists of 24 different types of commodities the actual proportion of which is determined for each calendar year (as of 1 January 2012 the index is represented by 20 commodities selected and allocated as follows: 32.7% energy, 30.5% agriculture, 18.6% industrial metals, 12.5% precious metals, 5.7% livestock)

Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index 3 Month Forward

complete list of index items (24 commodities) allocation of items in index as of 1 January 2012
natural gas 10.8%
WTI oil 9.7%
Brent oil 5.3%
lead-free fuels 3.4%
light fuel oil 3.5%
beef cattle 3.6%
pork meat 2.1%
wheat 5.0%
corn 6.7%
soya beans 7.1%
soya oil 3.4%
aluminium 5.9%
copper 7.0%
zinc 3.1%
nickel 2.6%
gold 9.8%
silver 2.7%
sugar 3.7%
cotton 2.0%
coffee 2.6%
cocoa 0.0%
lead 0.0%
tin 0.0%
platinum 0.0%

Calculation of monthly performance of the underlying commodity index basket

Commodity basket’s monthly performance = basket’s actual monthly performance

Recorded monthly performance of the commodity basket

  • If the basket’s monthly performance is positive, then 75 % of the gained value is recorded
  • If the basket’s monthly performance is negative, the same value is entered into the records

The cumulative performance of the basket is calculated on the basis of the recorded commodity basket monthly performances. Each cumulative performance of the basket achieved after the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th year is locked. The highest one of the 6 locked values shall equal the yield paid out upon the fund’s maturity.

Upon maturity, the client obtains:

100 % of the invested capital (after deduction of administrative fees)+Highest of annual cumulative basket performances (equal to 0 in the worst-case scenario)

Examples of the Optimo Commodity Guaranteed Fund performance calculation

The above given examples are for illustration only and in no way predict the future performance of the Optimo Commodity Guaranteed Fund.

How to arrange the insurance

You can obtain our products at any branch of Komerční banka. For more information call the Call centrum of Komerční pojišťovna using the free Info Line 800 10 66 10.
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